Anonymous: "your gifs are beautiful and perfect. I was wondering if you could make more of Lady Lola (the beautiful Anna Popplewell)? If you can that would be so cool. Like all i see are the same gif set of her over and over. it's so sad because she(and all the other women) have so many beautiful costumes"

thank you so much ! after i finish some school stuff i will do them. sorry for the lack of reign gifs these days

myysticrose: "Hi! Can I make a request?"

sure :)

Anonymous: "are you looking for new members?"

we have like more than 6 members now but if you’re interested, just submit us an application

Anonymous: "Are you still going to make your gifsets from each episode? I miss those."

We will try our best ! Sorry for not posting lately because we are all very busy :( I hope you understand

Anonymous: "Is your sidebar gif from a gifset?"

yes it is  ;)

Hi guys ! Please send us your requests from the latest episode. :) ?